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Providing Professional Counseling for the Woman of Color

Are you feeling sad, experiencing despair, feeling like no one understands? 

Let us be of service to you by offering you an opportunity to speak with us confidentialy about what you are going through.

Are you caring for an aging parent or loved one?

Caring for an elder parent can be stressful.  Let us provide you with our geriatric care management supportive services to ensure a quality of life for your aged loved one.

Would you benefit from couples counseling?

Relationships can be very stressful and communication can be very difficult when there is unresolved relational conflict.  Let us help you to restore your love.

While You Are Caring for Them, Who is Caring for you?

As caregivers, we always prioritize others over ourselves.  Let's take time to care for you so that you can better care for them.  We provide compassion fatigue and respite caregiver support.  Let us be of service to you.

They Know You Have Their Back.  We Want You to know That We Have Yours.

We believe in keeping our families close, safe, strong while craddled in love and steafast in faith.

iStock_000003312354_Large.jpgWho Are We?

SISTAHFRIENDS is a collective of professional women of color sister-friends dedicated to the mission and vision of promoting sustained emotional, personal, psychological and mental health and physical wellness in the lives of women of color.

What We Do

WarmSmileSF.jpgWe provide professional, culturally competent counseling and therapuetic services to women of color who experience feelings of sadness, hopelessness,  anciety, stress, and grief and loss.  We specialize in serving women who have been diagnosed with chronic, debilitating, or terminal illnesses.  We serve women who have experienced trauma or severe stress and anxiety asociated with every day living.

SmilingChocolateSistah.jpgOur Services

We provide individual, group, and family therapy and counseling to women and young girls age thirteen and up.  We offer behavioral modification, evidenced-based clinical practices, peer-to-peer support, crisis counseling, geriatric care management, family counseling, respite caregiver support, conflict resolution,  illness prevention and wellness advocacy, mental health education, outreach and referrals, and informational resources.

We are dedicated to improving the overall quality of life for

women of color.

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